Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

After a wonky unveiling at E3 earlier this summer, Marvel's Avengers hasn't done a great amount to restore faith. Many who have actually seen the game in action say it looks decent enough, but there are still so many unanswered questions. It's the kind of uncertainty that can damage perception of a title before it's even given a chance.

With Marvel's Avengers apparently playable at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, we've all been thinking that a gameplay blowout is coming our way. However, there's now word that Comic-Con may come and go without us seeing as much of the game as we'd like.

According to a new press release from Square Enix, as shared by DualShockers, gameplay will only be shown to attendees -- specifically those who are there to see the Marvel's Avengers panel in Hall H. Unless it's some sort of mistake, that's a bit of a gut punch -- especially when the game's overall quality is already being called into question. Hopefully the publisher shares the gameplay with the rest of us sooner rather than later.

Were you hoping to see gameplay during the panel livestream? Pick your favourite Avenger in the comments section below.

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