Black Desert Key Image

The popular Korean MMORPG Black Desert has just followed up on its E3 2019 announcement with a confirmed release date - it's coming to PS4 on 22nd August. If you're really interested, the game can now be pre-ordered on the PlayStation Store too.

With a heavy focus on over-the-top action and flashy combos, this is a title that could please a very particular crowd. "Jump into fast-paced action combat, hunt monsters and huge bosses, fight with friends in seige warfare, or fish, trade and craft your way to riches."

You can pre-order the game right now, with three different editions available. The base game can be pre-purchased for £29.99/$29.99, which still includes a handful of bonuses such as a pet and 1000 pearls, while a deluxe edition can be picked up at £49.99/$49.99. This bundles in two days worth of early access to the game, a tier 3 horse, 2000 pearls, and a 60-day value pack, among other digital bonuses. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, however, you could opt for the £99.99/$99.99 ultimate edition. There are too many perks included in this version to list, so maybe it's worth checking out this edition on your PS4 for yourself. You do get a Horse Flute, though.

PlayStation Plus members receive a discount on all three of these versions of the game, and it's worth noting again that the game does not require a subscription after purchase. You buy the game and that's that. Will you be checking out Black Desert when it comes to PS4 next month? Plan your character in the comments below.