Are we the only ones more interested in Iron Man VR than next year's Marvel's Avengers? It's shaping up to be a really great PlayStation VR game, and it looks the part too in this latest behind the scenes trailer. Check it out above.

Amongst snippets of interviews with the developers of the title, we get brief glimpses of new gameplay that has us excited. The team at Camouflaj has been working tirelessly to make sure flying feels right, alongside an immersive HUD that really makes you feel like the next Tony Stark. It's pitched as an open-sandbox experience that'll have you travelling at great speeds and slowing down for tighter turns, while boost will have you speeding away all over again.

You'll come equipped with classic Iron Man weapons such as his blasters, and you'll be able to upgrade those as well as customise new abilities back at Tony's garage. This is all sounding like the real deal, but do you feel the same way? Blast into the comments below.