Detroit: Become Human - Where to Find All Magazine Locations Guide 1

Detroit: Become Human has one major collectible: magazines. These virtual, tablet-like documents can be found all over the game’s near-future world, and must be picked up in order to be logged. Once you’ve picked up a magazine, you’ll be able to re-read it via the game’s Extras menu. There are a total of 46 magazine locations in Detroit: Become Human, and collecting them all will unlock the ‘Bookworm’ Trophy.

Detroit: Become Human All Magazine Locations

There are 46 magazines to find in Detroit: Become Human, with each one adding context to the game’s near-future narrative. In this guide, we’re going to reveal all Detroit: Become Human’s magazine locations, which will unlock the ‘Bookworm’ Trophy.

You’ll find magazines scattered around the world, and to pick them up you just need to follow the gesture as you would any other in the game. Usually, you’ll be required to push down on the right analogue stick. In order to browse the magazines, you need to stroke the touchpad: swiping down will allow you to dig into the article; swiping left and right will toggle between different stories.

Make sure that you read all the pages and view both covers. Almost every magazine that you pick up will have two magazine stories, and both covers will be added to the Extras menu as long as you take the time to read them. In other words, one magazine will count for two collectibles in virtually all instances. Refer to the guide for further assistance.

All Magazine Locations in Detroit: Become Human

The guide below will explain where you’ll find every single magazine in Detroit: Become Human. Read them all in order to unlock the ‘Bookworm’ Trophy. Please note that, depending on how you play the game, you may miss certain scenes or locations due to the way your own personal playthrough progresses. Of course, you can use the flowcharts and checkpoints to turn back time and change your decisions, which will allow you to expedite your progress.

The magazine locations listed below are in chronological order, segregated by chapter. The magazine numbers don't necessarily correspond with the order in which you'll collect them. Remember that you must read the magazines and swipe right to reveal both covers.

Shades of Color

  • #10 Tech Addict and #21 Climate Change-Up: Immediately after taking control of Markus, the magazine is on a bench to the android's right.

A New Home

  • #1 Connecting the Dots and #22 Android Power: On the kitchen table, to the right of the front door. It's in the dining area opposite the bay window, before the sofa that Todd's sitting on.
  • #11 The Price of Life and #23 Android QB: Upstairs, in Todd's bedroom. You'll find the magazine sitting on a cupboard.

The Painter

  • #2 North Pole and #27 Life Found on Titan: In front of the futuristic television, on a coffee table, sandwiched between two sofas.


  • #12 Is Your Android Spying and #25 Android Sex Is Better: In the kitchen, on the counter.


  • #3 The Bee-Line to Disaster and #26 It's Time to Face the Music: Inside the laundromat, on a cupboard to the left of where you come in.

Waiting for Hank

  • #28 Famous Detroit Painter Die and #30 Ivanoff Says 'Niet': Only if Markus doesn't attack Leo in Broken. In the middle of the police station, on a desk.
  • #29 The Three Laws of Robotic Parenting and #30 Ivanoff Says 'Niet': Only if Markus attacks Leo in Broken. In the middle of the police station, on a desk.

On the Run

  • #31 Cyber Wildlife: Whether you sleep in the Motel, Car, or Squat, you'll find the magazine nearby.


  • #13 Android Astronauts and #32 Android on the Run: Only if Kara escaped Todd in Stormy Night. Sitting on a bench in the train station, immediately after Markus gets off.

The Nest

  • #20 Past the Tipping Point and #33 Red Ice Epidemic: Before the room with the pigeons, the magazine is in a small side-room to the right.


  • #34 Arctic Tensions Escalate and #35 Androids Alter Your Brain: Only if Kara was spotted by police in On the Run. In one of the bedrooms upstairs. Grab it while you're looking for Alice after Kara's been reset.
  • #34 Arctic Tensions Escalate and #41 AX400 Getaway: Only if Kara wasn't spotted by police in On the Run. In one of the bedrooms upstairs. Grab it while you're looking for Alice after Kara's been reset.

Russian Roulette

  • #4 Tainted Love and #5 Time to Pull the Plug: In Hank's bedroom, opposite the bathroom.

The Eden Club

  • #14 The First Immortals Are Upon Us and #36 The New Super-Powers: Track the Tracis into the warehouse, then search at the rear on a box.

The Pirates' Cove

  • #24 Android Band Tipped for Music Prize and #37 USS Iowa Missing: In the pirate house, situated on the barrels.

The Bridge

  • #8 The Mysterious Mr. Kamski and #40 Markets Predict War: On the bench in front of Connor when he gets out of the car.

The Stratford Tower

  • #6 President Warren and #38 GI Android: On floor 47, in the restaurant area. Snag it before entering the bathroom.

Public Enemy

  • #16 Bleeding Blue and #21 Clean Food Craze: In the kitchen area.

Midnight Train

  • #9 World War 3: It's on the kitchen table. You'll spot it pretty early in the scene, but you can't actually pick it up until later on.

Capitol Park

  • #7 An Android for President and #39 Who Is It?: At the very, very beginning of the chapter, to the left of Markus.

Meet Kamski

  • #15 Fortune Teller Computer and #17 Space Tourism on the Rise: First look at the picture of Amanda, then pick up the magazine on the surface beneath.

Freedom March

  • #18 The Eastern Space Race and #42 Android Riot: Only if Markus staged a violent riot in Capitol Park. To the left of Markus, at the start of the scene.


  • #43 Detroit in Chaos and #44 Android Terror: When playing as Connor. You'll only get this if Markus attacked the police in Freedom March. It's found on a box before you go up the stairs.

Battle for Detroit

  • #45 They Defy Us: When playing as Markus. On the bench, in the android camp. You can only get this if you choose to stage a peaceful demonstration.
  • #46 Civil War in Detroit: When playing as Kara. You'll only get this if Markus staged a revolution in Night of the Soul. It's found to the right side of the bus stop.