Detroit: Become Human - How Long Is It?

Detroit: Become Human is a narrative adventure that’s designed to be replayed multiple times. As such, playing through the story once will only show you one version of events; you’ll need to complete the game several times in order to see all of the possible permutations. You may be wondering then: how long is Detroit: Become Human? And how many hours will it take you to complete everything?

How Long Is Detroit: Become Human?

A single playthrough of Detroit: Become Human will take you approximately 10 hours to beat, depending on how your story branches and how much time you spend exploring. There are a lot of optional interactions in Quantic Dream’s latest, so engaging with these will naturally add to your playtime. It’s also possible to skip entire chapters depending on your decisions, so take a look at our how to keep everyone alive at the end of Detroit: Become Human guide for a rundown of how to see every scene.

As mentioned earlier, you’re going to need to play through the game multiple times to see the various storyline branches, so it could take you upwards of 40 hours to see absolutely everything. It’s possible to get the Platinum Trophy with two full playthroughs and some clean up, but we’d recommend playing through twice blind to begin with, just so you can see how varied each run can be. Remember that the release’s flowchart feature means that you can jump back to previous checkpoints in order to alter different decisions, so this can come in handy if you’re in a hurry.

How Many Chapters Are in Detroit: Become Human?

There are a total of 32 chapters in Detroit: Become Human, but there’s no guarantee you’ll see them all in a single playthrough, as some are dependent upon your decisions.

All Detroit: Become Human Chapters

Here’s a full list of Detroit: Become Human’s chapters, in the order that you’ll encounter them.

  1. Hostage: Connor
  2. Opening
  3. Shades of Colour: Markus
  4. A New Home: Kara
  5. The Painter: Markus
  6. Partners: Connor
  7. Stormy Night: Kara
  8. Broken: Markus
  9. The Interrogation: Connor
  10. Fugitives: Kara
  11. From the Dead: Markus
  12. Waiting for Hank: Connor
  13. On the Run: Kara
  14. Jericho: Markus
  15. The Nest: Connor
  16. Time to Decide: Markus
  17. Zlatko: Kara
  18. Russian Roulette: Connor
  19. Spare Parts: Markus
  20. The Eden Club: Connor
  21. The Pirates’ Cove: Kara
  22. The Bridge: Connor
  23. The Stratford Tower: Markus
  24. Public Enemy: Connor
  25. Midnight Train: Kara
  26. Capitol Park: Markus
  27. Meet Kamski: Connor
  28. Freedom March: Markus
  29. Last Chance, Connor: Connor
  30. Crossroads: Markus, Connor, Kara
  31. Night of the Soul: Markus, Connor
  32. Battle for Detroit: Markus, Connor, Kara