Blood & Truth PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR Free Update

Cor blimey, it's hot, innit? On the hottest day of the year, London Studio has released a cool new update for its brilliant PlayStation VR action title, Blood & Truth. The free update adds a couple of new features to the game, making it an even more complete package for fans of VR firefights.

The headline addition is New Game Plus mode. As you'd expect, this option opens up after beating the story once, and allows you to play it all again with your unlocked weapons, skins, and mods. You're also getting a brand new batch of challenges to test your skills, and leaderboards have now been implemented to allow players to compete for the best scores across the game.

You can read more details about the DLC over on the PlayStation Blog. The update is available now, and free to all players. Incidentally, Blood & Truth is going cheap in both the North American and European PS Store summer sales.

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