Forager PS4 PlayStation 4

For those out of the loop, Forager is a well-liked indie title that's making its way to PlayStation 4. The game is an addictive mix of looting, crafting, adventuring, and puzzle solving as you explore an ever expanding map. It's down for a digital release on 30th July, but if you prefer physical copies, we have some good news.

The cute little title is getting a retail release in mid-September; 10th for North America and 13th for Europe. The disc version of the game, which will cost $29.99, comes packed with an exclusive poster and set of stickers. With a fairly big time difference between the digital and physical launches, we imagine many will plump for the former, but it's nice to have the option.

Are you looking forward to Forager on PS4? Will you be going physical or digital? Choose wisely in the comments below.