FIFA 20 Liverpool FC

As predicted by disgruntled Manchester United fan and Push Square editor Sammy Barker in a previous article, Liverpool FC have indeed signed a deal with FIFA creators EA Sports. Previously, the Reds had an agreement with Konami and Pro Evolution Soccer, but as we all know, FIFA is where the real money is, and with Liverpool being the current champions of European football, this new partnership doesn't come as much of a surprise.

What's more, this is apparently a "long-term" partnership between the football club and EA Sports, meaning that you can expect Liverpool to get the special FIFA treatment in the upcoming FIFA 20 and beyond. It's also worth noting that Peter Moore, once overseer of EA Sports' output and one of EA's overlords, left the company back in 2017 to become CEO of Liverpool FC. It's safe to say that he probably had a hand in this new deal.

Anyway, now that this is happening, can we please get some new stats for the Liverpool squad? For a start, van Dijk's got to be at least 99 rated. At least. Same goes for Allison. And Robertson. And Mane. And Salah. And corner taken quickly, Origi!