DayZ Cover

DayZ might have been somewhat of a decent experience half a decade ago, but fast-forward to 2019 and its PS4 port is one of the worst games we've played this generation. Somehow, it has become the European PlayStation Network's deal of the week, but we implore you not to pick it up out of sheer curiosity.

Until 11th July, you can save 25% and bring the asking price down to £29.99. That's a £10 saving, but it's still a complete rip-off. In the 2/10 Push Square review, we described it as a waste of everyone's time. "DayZ is a complete and utter disaster on PS4. Not only is it profoundly outdated in 2019, it’s also technically inept. A horrendous frame rate brings the experience to a standstill on a worryingly consistent basis, while numerous bugs and glitches are a bewilderment." Again, please don't waste your money on DayZ.