Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Pre-Orders Price
Image: PlayStation Asia

European retailer MediaMarkt has gone out on a limb with regards to PlayStation 5. Not only is it listing a console that officially doesn't exist yet, it's also allowing customers to pre-purchase the next-gen machine for a massively inflated price. Check out the product page for yourself.

MediaMarkt Sweden PS5 PlayStation 5 Pre-Order Page
Image: MediaMarkt Sweden

MediaMarkt Sweden is listing the PS5 on its website at the ridiculous price of 9,999 Swedish krona -- this translates roughly to $1,040 or £850. This is, at most, a placeholder page with a placeholder price point so people can pre-order the PS5. However, you may be seeing some reporting this as factual, that the PS5 really is going to cost you a thousand dollars. While we've yet to learn the official price, common sense will tell you it's not going to cost that much. Heck, even the page carries the following disclaimer: "NOTE! Price and product information is preliminary and subject to change."

The only official word we have regarding the price of PS5 is from Mark Cerny, who told Wired he believes the console's price will be "appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set". There aren't any official numbers yet, but given this comment, we find it very hard to believe this retailer's pricey pre-order page is anywhere near accurate.

The bottom line is, don't be fooled into thinking the PS5 is going to be that expensive. The subject of the next-gen machine's cost is up for debate, but MediaMarkt knows about as much as anyone else.