Monster Hunter World Sales Capcom

Monster Hunter World has been a gigantic success for Capcom. The publisher's best selling game ever, the action role-playing title blew away expectations when it launched back in January of last year -- our own included. But how did Capcom create such a huge hit? What did it do differently with World that made the game resonate with so many new players? In an interview with VGC, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explains why he thinks World has found so much success.

"Our success in the west with Monster Hunter World comes down to a lot of things coming together that we didn’t have before with previous titles," Tsujimoto says. "Players wanted us to release our games on consoles, because in the years before Monster Hunter World he had been focused on portables, which was something that was maybe holding us back in the West. We found that Western players want a console experience on a big screen TV at home," he explains.

Obviously, Monster Hunter World's success is largely down to it catching on here in the West. The series has been incredibly popular in Japan for years, but chained to handheld consoles, it was never able to find that same appeal overseas.

Tsujimoto also cites the game's worldwide release as a major factor. Previously, Monster Hunter titles would launch in Japan first, and then head West later -- sometimes much later. Capcom aimed to crack the Western market with Monster Hunter World, and it did exactly that by having it release across the globe at the same time. Everyone had a chance to experience the title together.

Of course, it also helps that Monster Hunter World is an absolutely brilliant game that's fully deserving of its popularity. When World was first announced, many said that Capcom was taking a risk -- that it was going to alienate existing fans and be ignored by everyone else. And while success is never 100 per cent guaranteed in this industry, it's now clear that Capcom knew what it was doing -- it had a plan for Monster Hunter, and it executed it pretty much perfectly.