Most major games get a fancy special edition these days, but THQ Nordic is pushing the boat out on the latest game in its Darksiders series. Darksiders Genesis, an offshoot starring Strife in a top-down action RPG, is getting two snazzy physical editions, in fact. The first is simply called the Collector's Edition, and comes packed with the game, a steelbook case, soundtrack, stickers, artbook, and a 9-inch statue of the main character.

Darksiders Genesis Collector's Edition PS4 PlayStation 4
Image: THQ Nordic

It's already pretty expensive at $119.99, but if you're a really big Darksiders fan, you may want to consider the Nephilim Edition. This ultimate package comes with all the above, but throws in Darksiders: The Forbidden Land, a full-on board game. We don't know much at all about this tabletop game, but you can get a brief glimpse at the board, playing pieces, and cards in the above video. We'd wager it'll be focused on strategic combat of some kind.

Anyway, the Nephilim Edition, with its headline board game extra, will set you back a hellish $379.99. The Forbidden Land must be one incredible board game.

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The publisher has said there will only be 5,000 units available, making this a relatively limited collector's item. It's pretty ballsy to ask for more than the price of a PS4 Pro, but we're sure some Darksiders fans will happily splash some cash to get their hands on this.

What do you think of Darksiders Genesis' Nephilim Edition? Will you be snapping this version up, or sticking with just the game itself? Count your pennies in the comments below.

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