Apex Legends kicks off its second season of content today, introducing the likes of a new Legend named Wattson, ranked leagues, a new LMG, and animals that roam the Kings Canyon map. A new Battle Pass is also part of the line-up and the video above details how it has improved since the game's first season.

Three new content types can now be found in the process of ranking up to 100 - skydive emotes, music packs, and load screen decals. These allow you to customise the experience from the moment you leave the dropship as well as during downtime as you scavenge for loot with friends. New daily and weekly challenges ensure you'll rank up faster than ever before, and these never go away. This means that if you have to skip a couple of days or even a full week of play throughout the season, those challenge rewards won't be going anywhere.

The XP you earn will fund the unlocks of new legendary items for the likes of the Spitfire, R-301, and character skins, just some of the rewards you can expect from this season's battle pass. It'll cost 950 Apex Coins, or 2800 if you want to boost yourself to rank 25 straight away. You'll also earn enough crafting metals to craft a legendary skin of your choosing through level ups.

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