Alan Wake PS4

Update: Remedy Entertainment has told that it "could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose", suggesting a PlayStation 4 port could very well happen in the future. However, it added that it has nothing to announce now, and that it's "fully focused" on Control, which is due out next month.

Original Story: Remedy Entertainment, developer behind the upcoming Control, has purchased the publishing rights to one of its most sought-after games, Alan Wake. And with the Finnish studio shifting towards a more multi-platform approach to its games, this now means that Alan Wake could release on PS4.

Purchased from Microsoft for €2.5 million, the deal will be made between now and the end of 2019 and sees the publishing rights of the title revert to Remedy. The developer already owns the rights to the IP, meaning it can now do with it as it pleases. So, what does this mean for PlayStation 4? The game now has the potential to launch on Sony's system, but whether that happens or not is now entirely up to Remedy itself.

Let's hope for the double whammy though - a remaster of the original and a sequel on PS5. We've got to dream big, right? Are you hoping that Alan Wake now comes to PS4? Shine a flashlight into the comments below.