Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled PS4 PlayStation 4

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled launched just over a week ago on PlayStation 4, and while it's generally a great remake, it's had its fair share of issues. Perhaps the most notable problem is a nasty bug that's seen many players lose their save data. According to Beenox, your save could corrupt "if the data for race ghosts in Time Trials becomes too large". The developer is currently suggesting you avoid playing Time Trials altogether until a big new patch drops next week.

On 3rd July, a new update for the game will be made available. The patch will fix the aforementioned save data bug, along with other known issues. In addition, the update will introduce podium animations to online races if you place in the top three. More importantly, Wumpa Coins are going to be rebalanced, and there will be more post-race information on how the number earned is determined. Then there's the first Grand Prix season, which brings a brand new track to the kart racer, as well as a new range of limited time cosmetic items and characters to unlock with Nitro Points. It's a big update, in other words, that simultaneously adds new content, fixes issues, and makes some nice adjustments to the game.

On top of all that, Beenox is giving all Nitro-Fueled players 2,500 Wumpa Coins, redeemable between now and 4th July. All you have to do to unlock the gift is complete a race while connected to the internet, and then access the Pit Stop. A nice bonus.

Are you having fun with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled? Have you been having trouble with save corruption problems? Prepare for the Grand Prix in the comments below.