You may have heard the name They Are Billions being thrown about recently. The game has been pretty successful on PC, where it's currently in early access. It's a real-time strategy title that's all about building up a city and protecting it against countless zombies. Courtesy of console port specialists BlitWorks, it's coming to PlayStation 4 in July.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, the studio's CEO Tony Cabello describes some of the ways it's managed to get a complex strategy game to work on PS4. One key feature is the ability to pause the action at any time to allow you to make your moves and plan out your tactics. It's also compatible with mouse and keyboard if you prefer.

The game features procedurally generated maps, meaning each game will be different from the last, and you'll be up against screens full of enemies -- up to 20,000, apparently. It sounds like it could be tough, but if you want to prove yourself, a weekly challenge mode lets players take on the same map and compete in leaderboards.

What do you think of They Are Billions? Will you be taking on the hordes of infected in this RTS? Grab a shotgun in the comments below.