Sony Single Player Story Games

If there's one undeniable thing that Sony's got right this generation, it's the PlayStation 4's first party output. Games like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and God of War have absolutely blown us away, and even titles like Days Gone and Detroit: Become Human, which weren't quite as well received critically, have brought the company notable commercial success. The Japanese giant has barely put a foot wrong on this front since the PS4 launched back in 2013.

And Sony knows how important these primarily single player, story-driven games are to its audience. Speaking to CNET, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan talked about how these experiences have become such a key component of PlayStation's identity this generation.

"We've never had greater success with our own narrative-driven, story-based games than we're having right now," Ryan said. "We feel good about that, and it's certainly not a genre of gaming we'll ever walk away from," he continued.

It's a strong quote that's bound to have some fans breathing a sigh of relief. Obviously games like the ones that we've mentioned above have been hugely successful for Sony, but when you've got multiplayer-focused live titles such as Fortnite raking in so much money on a constant basis, publishers are always going to be thinking about whether they can have a slice of that pie. Fortunately, it sounds like Sony is more than happy with its current approach to making PlayStation exclusive games.

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