Final Fantasy XIV TV Series

Well here's a story we didn't quite see coming. Sony Pictures -- that's Sony's TV and movie arm -- is teaming up with production company Hivemind to make a live action TV series based on Final Fantasy XIV. Hivemind is the company behind Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, by the way.

The Final Fantasy XIV series will "tell an original story" that takes place in the game's setting of Eorzea. And yes, it'll be live action. Here's an overview from Sony:

"Inspired directly by the world and characters of the title’s fourteenth installment, the project will embrace the bold and genre-bending sensibilities of the revered and long-running Final Fantasy series as it explores the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict. Filled with iconic hallmarks of the title’s revered mythology—magitek and beastmen, airships and chocobos – the forthcoming series will feature a mixture of new and familiar faces. Those will, notably, include the live-action debut of Cid—one of the games’ central and most beloved characters who has appeared in almost every installment of the franchise to date."

We suppose that such a concept does have potential -- the world of Final Fantasy XIV is really rich, so it'll probably be worth keeping an eye on this project. That said, there's no date attached to this thing yet, meaning that it'll likely be a while until we learn more.

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