Ah, another Sniper: Ghost Warrior game. After the third entry didn't exactly set the world alight, CI Games is back with another stab at things in the form of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts. It's coming to PS4, and it said to be "coming soon". Check out the announcement trailer above.

In an effort to mix things up, developer CI Games has moved away from the jungle-based settings of its previous games and instead opts for the Siberian wilderness for Contracts. Footage contains the typical sniper shots, but concludes in a rather interesting fashion. This fourth instalment appears to hint at some sort of persistent online component, where other players could sneak up on you and take you out at any moment. An interesting mechanic that would at least shake things up somewhat, if what we're seeing is true.

Are you all ghillied up for another Sniper: Ghost Warrior title? Hype yourselves up in the comments below.

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