Rocket League is one of PlayStation 4's less talked about service games, but it's been brilliantly supported over the years. Psyonix has provided near constant updates to its crazy game about cars playing football, with all kinds of themed events, DLC, new modes, and more. It's just unveiled the latest special event: it's called Radical Summer, and brings us back to the 80s.

The 9-week event will bring a wide range of new bits and pieces to the arcade hit, starting with a focus on movies of the decade. The Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters and KITT from Knight Rider are two confirmed new premium vehicles, and of course, we already have the DeLorean from Back to the Future. But it doesn't stop with cars; movie-themed items, like Marty McFly's iridescent cap, E.T. wheels, an ectoplasm boost trail -- you get the idea. You unlock these items with cassettes, earned by playing online matches.

What's more, a limited time game mode called Ghost Hunt will be added into the mix. Cars are equipped with proton streams that can carry the ball around. The objective is to hold the ball in opposition's containment zone for two seconds to score a point.

It seems like a pretty robust event, and there's more to come as it goes on, with later weeks focusing on 80s culture and television. It all gets started from 10th June. Will this pull you back into Rocket League? Will you be hunting ghosts while rocking a Cobra Kai decal? Play some Bryan Adams in the comments below.