Outriders PS4 PlayStation 4

This is a new one on us. A mysterious new game called Outriders has emerged, and there's very little we know about it right now. We do know for certain that it's published by Square Enix, as it's due for a big unveiling during the company's E3 2019 press conference. A brief teaser confirmed as much over on Twitter:

So, what other information is out there? Well, from the game's Twitter page, this seems to be a sci-fi thriller of some sort. A space ship named the Flores leaves Earth loaded with people in cryosleep, aiming for a distant planet called Enoch. By the sound of it, Earth is screwed, and this mission is an attempt to save humanity. Of course, things go wrong, as the ship loses contact with Earth and suffers some damage on its way to Enoch. It seems we'll be exploring this new world, and perhaps attempting to reestablish communication with Earth.

Current speculation is that Outriders is the new shooter from People Can Fly, the folks behind Bulletstorm. Whatever the case, we'll be seeing it at E3.

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