We're getting very close to the western release of Judgment, the new game from Yakuza Studio. The spin-off, starring private investigator Takayuki Yagami, is similar to the team's other games, but has you on the right side of the law, looking into shady murder cases throughout Kamurocho. In this new, 20-minute gameplay video, we get a good look at the game and what you'll be getting up to.

The whole thing looks very Yakuza, although it seems to be trying a few new things. Combat looks a little snappier, and you're able to jump off walls and evade attacks easier. There are dialogue options that look to lead to some amusing scenarios, and it looks like the investigation is pretty straightforward. Spotting cats throughout the game is a fun distraction, too. The whole game looks like it has that brilliant sense of humour found in the Yakuza games.

Judgment is out on 25th June. Will you be investigating it next week on PlayStation 4? Fly a drone into the comments below.

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