Journey to the Savage Planet was announced back at last year's Game Awards show, and we haven't seen much since. Something that slipped by us during E3 2019, however, was some new gameplay footage of the sci-fi adventure game, and it brings with it some new details.

It looks like a wacky, darkly funny title with a mix of exploration, documenting creatures, puzzle solving, and dual-wielding combat. The art style reminds us of No Man's Sky, but developer Typhoon Studios says it has more of a Metroidvania structure, with multiple quests open to you at any given time. You'll be upgrading your gun and abilities as you make your way through the alien world.

It looks pretty interesting from where we're sitting. It's out early next year on PlayStation 4. What do you think of Journey to the Savage Planet? Don't kick the wildlife in the comments below.