With all the chatter about Cyberpunk 2077, it's easy to forget that CD Projekt RED also has an ongoing free-to-play title based on The Witcher's very own card game, Gwent. The studio yesterday announced a brand new expansion coming to the game, and this time, it focuses on the city of Novigrad.

The expansion introduces a new faction, the Syndicate, which means more than 90 new cards to collect. There are also five new leaders to use, each bringing their own unique abilities to the table.

What's more, a new resource called Crowns has been brought into play. Crowns can activate the abilities of cards with the Fee keyword, and you can earn more Crowns using cards with the Profit keyword. There's an in-depth explanation of all this on CD Projekt RED's website.

The Novigrad expansion for Gwent will release on 28th June. Are you still playing Gwent on PS4? Pick a card in the comments below.

[source en.cdprojektred.com, via gematsu.com]