FIFA 20 Gameplay Changes

The game that we assume will be called FIFA 20 hasn't even been announced yet, but the development team is already talking openly about the key gameplay changes that it wants to bring to this year's instalment. Detailed in a lengthy dev blog over on EA's official site, the post covers improved AI and manual defending as well as new defending systems, one-on-one shooting, timed finishes, volley crossing and shooting, skill moves, set-piece positioning, goalkeeper movement, general passing, and player switching. Phew.

Again, it's a lengthy post, so we won't regurgitate it all here, but it does sound like the team's been listening to a lot of fan feedback. Defensive play in particular looks like it's going to get a significant overhaul, with a "renewed defending system" supposedly emphasising manual defending as opposed to letting your AI teammates deal with it. As a result, manual defending will apparently be more effective and more rewarding.

Timed finishing also seems to be a big one, with precise shots being more difficult to perform. The same is true of volley crossing and shooting, as well as passing -- there's going to be more room for error across the board. In short, the game's about to get harder, rewarding skill first and foremost. You can read through all the details here.

As for FIFA 20 itself, we assume that it'll be officially revealed during EA's EA Play event later this week, or at least, around that time. Are you looking forward to the next FIFA? Take the net off in the comments section below.