Final Fantasy Soundtrack Spotify

Whoa, hey, hold on. Since when did Square Enix add every Final Fantasy soundtrack to Spotify? Did we miss something? Search 'Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack' on Spotify, click albums, and you'll find 'em. From the beeping tunes of Final Fantasy VI to the glorious orchestral swells of Final Fantasy XIV and everything in between, some of the greatest music in video games is here. If you couldn't already tell, we're over the moon about it.

The only issue is that many of these albums have songs titled in Japanese, so finding your favourite tracks may be a bit of a hassle. Still, to have all of these on Spotify is pretty huge, and remember, you can access the streaming service on PS4 as well.

Will you be listening to some classic Final Fantasy tracks for the rest of the day? Tell us your favourites in the comments section below.