Google Stadia Game Streaming Europe Survey

The reaction to services like Google Stadia has generally been one of apathy -- well, among our regular readers, at least. It seems most people just aren't ready to stream games, Netflix style. Whether that's down to concerns about connection speeds, the cost of entry, or simply the desire to outright own the games they play, we've noticed the majority of responses to cloud-based gaming services have been less than enthusiastic.

It seems this is the case when the scope is widened to a whole continent, too. GamesIndustry, along with research firm Ipsos MORI, conducted a survey among gamers living in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain, and the results are rather telling. A whopping 70 per cent of participants expressed disinterest in video game streaming services like Stadia. 15 per cent say they are interested, while the remainder either don't know or already use something similar, such as PlayStation Now.

According to the survey, the UK is the most interested, with nearly a quarter offering a positive response, while Germany is the least convinced with just 10 per cent interested in game streaming.

It's not made clear how many people took part in the survey, but it all makes for interesting reading regardless. As we've said, it's hard not to notice the lack of enthusiasm for an all-streaming future for games, and this goes some way to back that up. You can read more about the survey through here, if you're interested.

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