The Sims 4 took to the stage at EA Play 2019 today to announce its latest expansion pack, Island Living. It's coming to PS4 next month on 18th July, and fans will want to check out the announcement trailer above.

The island of Sulani will play host to a ton of activities, from work to relaxation. There'll be alcoves to explore, an active volcano to avoid, and dolphins to make friends with. Tropical fish bring the corals reef to life, while a new career allows you to become a Conservationist in order to take care of the island and its wildlife. The island will change over time, and if you're taking care of it, it'll be even greener and lusher than ever before. Part-time jobs such as lifeguarding are on offer too, and mermaids will put in an appearance at some point.

Are you planning on taking this vacation? Pack your suntan in the comments below.