Phil Spencer Xbox E3 2019
Image: Invision / Microsoft

Sony has famously skipped E3 2019, and while some would argue that it made the right decision, it's clear that some would've liked to have seen something from the platform holder. It may have had nothing to show, and it's obviously pursuing a direct-to-consumer approach with its State of Play broadcasts, but PlayStation not taking part in E3 at all is a decision not everyone agrees with. Case in point: head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

The Microsoft exec spoke with Giant Bomb during an E3 livestream, and towards the end of their conversation, he commented that he believes all companies should attend the trade show. "I wish Sony was here, I wish Activision was here. I think E3 is not as good when they're not here," Spencer says.

He explains that he thinks the show is a vital point where the industry can come together to prove that it should be taken seriously: "We have to stand up as an art form and an industry and explain that we're not just slack-jawed kids in basements swearing at each other and trying to headshot everybody".

There's some truth in what he says; E3 is a time when the world pays the video game industry a lot of attention. It's an institution that allows everyone to show off what games can do, and how important they are to a highly engaged audience. However, times are clearly changing, and on the evidence of this year's show, E3 seems to be losing its relevance. That doesn't mean people outside of games should stop paying attention, but a vast, expensive trade show in the middle of June every year is beginning to sound like an old-fashioned idea.

It should be noted that Spencer is on the board of directors at the ESA, the company responsible for E3, so it's only natural to see him defend the show and want the big players to participate. Shawn Layden is on the board too, and has said that Sony may return to E3 in 2020.

What do you think of all this? Do you agree with Phil Spencer? Do you wish Sony had been at E3 2019, or did the company ultimately make the right call? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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