Fifa 20 Microtransactions

'Volta' is a new style of play in FIFA 20. It's got a lot in common with the old FIFA Street games, focusing on small, urban matches that highlight tricks, flicks, and tasty trainers. And in the game's Volta World mode, you're free to make your own custom character. Naturally, as you play through the mode, you accumulate in-game currency that you can spend on more items for your characters. New haircuts, tattoos, and clothes have all been confirmed so far.

But with this being EA and the game being FIFA, questions about microtransactions are already being asked. Surely you'll be able to put down real cash for some of these customisation items? There have gotta be loot boxes involved, right?

Well, apparently, not at launch. Eurogamer asked creative director Matt Prior about microtransactions after noticing an in-game currency called 'GC' in the FIFA 20 demo. Hilariously, 'GC' is short for 'Grind Currency', but Prior insists that this is just a working title. Still, not a great look, is it?

Anyway, speaking on microtransactions, Prior says, "Nope, we won't have microtransactions for launch. I mean we'll see how things happen in moving forward, but no microtransactions for launch." Asked if microtransactions could be added later, Prior explains, "We never rule anything out. Because we continuously evolve so never say never, but no nothing for launch."

Hopefully it stays that way after launch, too, but we're not getting our hopes up given the company's track record. A lot of games these days only add microtransactions after they've been on the market for a little while, soaking up good will before asking for more of your hard-earned dosh.

Do you think microtransactions in FIFA 20's Volta World mode are an inevitability? Don't spend real cash on virtual sneakers in the comments section below.