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Elden Ring was finally announced yesterday after numerous rumours and leaks. This is the next action RPG from, er, From Software, created by Hidetaka Miyazaki in collaboration with fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin. Unfortunately, following its CG reveal trailer, details on the game itself were slim. Now that the dust has settled, some information has started to emerge.

According to a new interview over on the Xbox website, Miyazaki shares a little insight on the project. He says that development got started on Elden Ring after the studio wrapped up Dark Souls III DLC. In other words, From Software has been making the game alongside development on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which obviously came out a few months ago.

Unlike Sekiro, which is more action-oriented, Elden Ring "puts more focus on RPG elements," although Miyazaki also points out it'll have the tactile, intense combat you've come to expect from the Japanese developer. He also says the game will carry the same level of challenge that's become synonymous with From's games. This time, though, you'll have various weapons and magic at your disposal, as well as ways to customise your character's build. "Even when compared to the Dark Souls series, I believe this title will provide even more variety in the ways for players to overcome challenges and tweak their tactics when facing enemies," Miyazaki says.

It also sounds like the game will be open world. "Due to this, the scale of the world and its narrative, as well as the depth and freedom of exploration have increased dramatically. It is without a doubt our biggest title yet in terms of sheer volume," explains Miyazaki.

To summarise, it sounds as though From Software's next game will veer closer to Dark Souls, but will differentiate itself with an all-new fantasy setting and a large open world to explore. If you're interested, read the full interview through here. Are you excited about Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below.

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