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We all want it, don't we? A new Splinter Cell game has been at the top of our wish lists for quite some time now, but if Jason Schreier of Kotaku is to be believed, we're going to have to wait a whole lot longer before it becomes a reality.

As part of a recent Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, Schreier stated the following: "I've asked a bunch of people about this because everybody wants to know if a Splinter Cell game is coming," Schreier said, "Everyone I've talked to has said no, as far as they know there is no Splinter Cell game in production." We doubt it, but there is a slight possibility that he is talking to the wrong people within the company. We're always inclined to believe Jason Schreier though, so that's pure speculation in the hope that a new entry is actually in production.

We'll know for sure when Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference rolls around on Monday night. Are you still hoping for a new Splinter Cell game to be announced? Put your thinking hats on in the comments below.