Battlefield V is a video game that continues to exist, but to be fair to the World War 2 shooter, its latest chapter of content is looking rather impressive. Titled Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, it's bringing a whole bunch of new content to the title across the summer months.

Starting on 27th June, a new map will be released every month through until August. The beginning of the chapter will bring with it Al Sundan, Marita arrives in July, and two close-quarter battles named Provence and Lofoten Islands kick August off with a bang.

The trailer above then goes on to tease a fifth season of content, titled Operation Underground. It looks like the classic Battlefield 3 map Operation Metro is making its return in October, which is incredibly exciting to say the very least.

Will you be jumping back into Battlefield V thanks to this new slate of content? Worship that M1 Garand sound in the comments below.