Another US PSN flash sale has kicked off for the weekend, bringing with it a number of discounts across recent blockbuster games and a large selection of EA titles.

First up is Devil May Cry 5, which has hacked and slashed its price down to $39.59. MLB The Show 19 is also discounted down to $44.99, while the recent One Piece: World Seeker is already reduced to $41.99. And then there's a slew of EA titles just begging to be picked up.

Battlefield V is half price at $29.99, The Sims 4 is just $7.99, and FIFA 19 can be picked up for $17.99. That's football remember, not soccer. UFC 3 gets its fight on with an asking price of $11.99, while Madden NFL 19 is down to $14.99. A number of indie titles round out the sale which are worth checking out too.

Are you going to purchase anything this weekend? Put down some cash in the comments below.