We're errm...not entirely sure what to make of this. Just watch the trailer above and come back to us. The Savior's Gang, coming to PS4 next month on 4th June, might be one of the most bizarre games to release this generation.

From developer Catness Games, you play as the savior - an entity trapped between earth and heaven. His death causes his father to unleash a number of traps and disasters upon the world, but it's up to you to navigate your followers to safety. "The player will have to guide his faithful through several dangers that could damage them in the most possible grotesque and cruel ways. These can be dismembered, crushed, burned, drowned, infected and skewered among many other calamities."

It really is quite odd, but we're kind of into it. The game has received a bunch of positive reviews on its Steam page thanks to the PC release back in March, so there's clearly something to it. And priced at just £3.99 on that particular storefront, it looks like the cost of entry will be rather low once it releases on PS4.

This is one we'll keep our eye on, but what do you think to all of this? Avoid the wrath of the gods in the comments below.

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