Tekken X Street Fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter feels like it was announced a million years ago. Although it was never formally unveiled, the project was in the works at Bandai Namco for a while, but it was pretty much put on ice when Capcom released Street Fighter V and Bandai Namco released Tekken 7.

As time has passed, a resurrection of Tekken X Street Fighter has seemed less and less likely, and now, it sounds like Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada is no longer completely sold on the idea of the crossover brawler. Speaking to VGC, Harada says that while he's "emotionally up for it", he would find it difficult to justify from a business perspective.

"I still want to release the game. However, as much as I want to proceed with the project, things have changed a lot since 2012. So I need to get approval and I need to speak to Capcom again as well — they may say ‘no’ now," Harada explains. In other words, the landscape has completely shifted since Tekken X Street Fighter was first outed all those years ago.

"I was excited about that and I have passion for it, but my logical and business thinking has me wondering if I really should do it," Harada concludes.

It's a weird one, because at the time, it seemed like a cool idea, and Street Fighter X Tekken was already on the horizon. But now, with the two franchises finding a lot of success with their latest instalments, it feels as though the opportunity has passed for both companies.

Having said that, we can't ignore the fact that both Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 are now several years old. While we're not quite convinced that we'll see sequels any time soon -- particularly in the case of Tekken 7, given its continued commercial and competitive success -- the developers must have at least discussed their plans for the future internally.

Have you been holding out any hope for Tekken X Street Fighter, even after all this time? Give us your best electric in the comments section below.

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