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We're late posting, but we've never missed an issue of WAYP, and our record remains very much intact today. Hopefully you can forgive us a little tardiness, as it's still fairly early at the time of publication in the United States. Right?

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

I'm getting behind the wheel of Team Sonic Racing this weekend, giving it a thorough test drive ahead of my review. I'll also need to continue work on my project in Dreams. Something tells me I need to put in a few more crisp-eating sound effects.

Liam Croft, Senior Staff Writer

I'm going to be playing more Days Gone this weekend. My opinion of the game has somewhat improved since the last edition of WAYP, but it still continues to baffle me in places. Hopefully, I'll come around on the experience by the end of it all.

Nicole Hall, Reviewer

This week I’ve taken to countering my hearty backlog starting with Fallout 4. It’s safe to say I’m having a right, royal blast exploring The Commonwealth, Dogmeat trotting by my side, humming away to 'The Wanderer' as it blares from my Pipboy.

Christian Kobza, Contributor

This weekend I'll be finishing up my first ever playthrough of Okami thanks to the PS4 port of Okami HD. Despite the fact that I don't think it's aged extremely well, I've really enjoyed my time with Issun and Amarterasu, and I'm sad that it's coming to an end.

Graham Banas, Contributor

I'm pretty far along into Days Gone (I think I am anyway) and I'm liking the game so much more than I ever expected. I might dare to say that I'm actually loving the game! Additionally, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are carrying ever forward, so I'll probably be in the mood to play some NHL 19 as well.

That's all from us, but what are you playing this weekend? You know the drill by now, so let us know in the comments section below.