Today marks the 10th anniversary of Sucker Punch's superhero series InFAMOUS, and so the Washington-based developer has taken to Twitter to celebrate the occasion with a thread packed full of interesting facts and mechanics that didn't quite make it into the final game.

Taking a look through the thread, it uncovers a lot of behind the scenes facts we weren't aware of. First off, the original InFAMOUS had a working title of True Hero. "We tried out many titles, and even at the E3 2007 reveal we were awaiting legal clearance for “inFAMOUS.” We had a backup trailer ready with an alternate title just in case, but luckily inFAMOUS was approved in time." Thankfully, the team went with the far, far better name.

Early versions included the ability to switch into civilian clothing at phone booths, building customisation, and a protagonist dubbed Gearwolf. You'd be able to perform stunts on a motorcycle, and the fascinating option of being able to skate through the city using an invisible energy field. We would have loved to see that mechanic come to fruition.

Do you hope to one day see the return of InFAMOUS? Potentially something for the PlayStation 5, or maybe even a new PSVR title in the future? Show off your powers in the comments below.

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