Granblue Fantasy Versus Beta

Granblue Fantasy Versus, the upcoming jaw-dropping fighting game from veteran developer Arc System Works, will be getting its own closed beta at the end of the month. The title, which naturally features characters from Granblue Fantasy -- an immensely popular property in Japan -- was announced last year, and it's being billed as an accessible but deep brawler.

The closed beta will be very limited, however, both in terms of availability and content. It'll take place over the course of just one day, running from the 31st May to the 1st June, and even then, it'll only be live at certain times.

If you're interested, you can apply for the beta through here -- all you need is an email address. Sign ups close on the 24th May in the US and the 25th May in Europe, and if you're lucky enough to make it into the beta, you should get a code on the 28th May.

Are you up for Granblue Fantasy Versus? Try not to button mash in the comments section below.