Hardware Sales PS4 PlayStation 4

Back in November, Sony boasted that its successful current gen console had sold over 86 million units. We know that 2018 was an incredible commercial year for PS4; somehow, the five-year-old machine has seen an increase in sales year-on-year. It's been looking rosy for the platform holder the last few months, in other words, and according to a new report, it's had a great festive season too.

Between 19th November and 31st December 2018, Sony sold through another 5.6 million consoles worldwide. Thanks to this big boost, the grand total of global sales now stands at 91.6 million. If Sony can maintain the PS4's current trajectory, it's poised to surpass the elusive 100 million units mark, a milestone reached only by a few consoles. Fortunately, 2019's software lineup is starting strong, and Sony itself has several key exclusives up its sleeve to keep people interested. We think PS4 is extremely well positioned right now, and even though the conversation is slowly moving to PS5, the current gen console clearly still has some life in it yet.

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