Skull & Bones PS4 PlayStation 4 Delays 1

Skull & Bones was scheduled to wash up on the PlayStation 4 this year, but the long-in-development online pirate ship simulator has been pushed back yet again. This time there’s no new date been attached to the project, and it will skip E3 2019 entirely. No real reason was given for the delay, but it’s safe to assume that either the scope of the title has changed – or it’s not coming together satisfactorily.

Of course, this isn’t the first delay to the oceanic adventure. The title was originally due out in 2018 after being revealed at E3 2017, but was later pushed into 2019. It’s not currently part of publisher Ubisoft’s plans for the current fiscal year, meaning that it may not set sail in stores until Spring 2020 at the very earliest. Perhaps the only good news here is that the organisation is continuing to throw funding at the project – for now.