Samurai Shodown has a confirmed release date on PlayStation 4, and as promised, the series makes its return in time for Evo 2019. The slick looking fighter launches on the 25th June in both North America and Europe -- but that's not all!

In what's quite an interesting move, if you buy Samurai Shodown before the 30th June -- whether it's a physical copy or digitally from the PlayStation Store -- you'll get the game's season pass completely free. While said season pass hasn't been detailed in its entirety yet, we do know that it'll include "six months" of DLC, with four additional playable characters being highlighted.

Having said all that, there is a "some regional restrictions may apply" disclaimer at the bottom of the press release, so you should probably double check before committing. We imagine that most regions will be absolutely fine, though.

Will you be sinking your blade into Samurai Shodown next month? Cleave your way into the comments section below.