Clown Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal Hd 1080P Wallpaper

Sony's overnight investor meeting included a Q&A portion, and according to one thread over on ResetEra, it was announced that the recently formed PlayStation Productions is working on a Twisted Metal TV series.

Apparently revealed by Tony Vinciquerra on-stage, the project recently began production - meaning we probably won't see anything of it for quite some time. Still, it's nice to know that something is in the works for the Twisted Metal franchise. We haven't seen a core game from the series since the PS3 iteration in 2012, which would line up with yesterday's news of bridging the gap between certain franchise entries. "When fans beat a 40-50 hour game and have to wait three-four years for a sequel, we want to give them places they can go and still have more of that experience and see the characters they love evolve in different ways,” Shawn Layden said.

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