Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Bloody hell, video game companies must hate when this happens. Just 24 hours before its official reveal, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has supposedly leaked. As caught by eagle-eyed Reddit user jrmywl30, an image of the title's collector's edition popped up online before it was quickly taken down.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Leak

Admittedly, there's not that much to go on here, but if it's real (we're going to guess that it is) then we know Breakpoint is the subtitle, and going purely by the included figurine, it... Kind of evokes open world vibes? The character's standing on some sort of rocky outcrop, at least, and their cloak's blowing in the wind, so the suggestion is there.

Anyway, we haven't got long to wait before we know for sure if this is happening. We'll be covering the official reveal tomorrow, so be sure to check back.