Death Stranding PS4 PlayStation PC Rumours 1

Update: Antonio Fucito has commented on this rumour, stressing that Death Stranding's purported timed exclusivity is based on Kojima Productions' original announcement with PlayStation. This was before the developer signed the Decima Engine. As you were, then:

Original Story: Back when Sony signed a deal with Kojima Productions, it was announced that Death Stranding would release on the PlayStation 4 and the PC. That confirmation got murkier as the Japanese giant’s involvement with the project came to the fore. The title, for example, is running on Guerrilla Games’ proprietary Decima Engine; the intellectual property is also owned by the PlayStation maker.

But an Italian journalist named Antonio Fucito believes that the title will still release on PC at some point, making it a timed PS4 exclusive. To be fair, we couldn’t help but notice the lack of ‘Only on PlayStation’ branding in the latest trailer, but Sony has been so inconsistent with these labels over the years that we thought nothing of it.

So why should we trust Fucito? Well, he knew the 8th November release date long before it leaked in Taiwan, giving him plenty of credibility points. Exactly when the title will launch on PC is unclear, but we’d bet on the computer-based version being accompanied by some kind of PlayStation 5 re-release in late 2020. Of course, you won’t see it on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, as this is still a Sony-funded project.

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