Ouya Dead
Image: Evan Amos / Vanamo Media

Ouya? More like Ounah! Right, guys?

Ouya, the little console that couldn't, is now officially dead. You wouldn't be blamed for thinking it's been dead for years because the device itself was discontinued back in 2015, but now its digital game store is set to be closed next month, on the 25th June. The final nail in the coffin.

There was a time when Ouya was meant to be a PlayStation competitor -- it was meant to "revolutionise console gaming". Sounds simple on paper, but in practice, the Android-based machine never stood a chance. It raised a gigantic $8.6 million over the course of its crowdfunding campaign before it released in 2013, and almost immediately, it hit several brick walls. Many backers weren't happy with its buggy software or its shoddily made controller, and from that point on, the negativity just snowballed. Needless to say, the Ouya did not fly off store shelves.

If you want to know more about the sudden rise and disastrous fall of Ouya, we highly recommend YouTube user Crowbcat's video on the subject. It's an absolute classic:

And so Ouya will be remembered (and already is remembered) as a failure, and, probably, a strong reminder of just how difficult it is to break into the console market.

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