Ps5 Backwards Compatibility Ps4

Sony is placing huge stock in the PlayStation 5's ability to play PlayStation 4 titles. Backwards compatibility was one of the next-gen console's first confirmed features, and the Japanese giant thinks that it's absolutely crucial in appealing to its desired audience.

As part of a question and answer session with some of the company's highest ranking bosses, CEO Jim Ryan was quick to highlight the importance of backwards compatibility (as reported by Twinfinite). Ryan reckons that it's "something that’s extremely powerful" and that it's a "really critical success factor". Again, it's becoming abundantly clear that Sony believes backwards compatibility is key for PS5.

We've said it before, but Sony would have been insane not to have the PS5 be backwards compatible. Not only does it make the transition from one console to next a lot easier, it also helps keep users invested in the incredibly profitable ecosystem that the PS4 has established. Remember, the PlayStation Network makes Sony a crazy amount of money these days.

Will you be making use of the PS5's backwards compatibility? Line up your favourite PS4 titles in the comments section below.