Overwatch The Workshop PS4 PlayStation 4

Are you still enjoying Blizzard's popular hero shooter, Overwatch? It's being constantly updated with seasonal events, new characters, and more. After several years in the hands of players, the publisher has decided to introduce a way to give even more variety by way of user generated content. It's called the Workshop, and it's being added to the game on PlayStation 4 today.

The Workshop will allow users to make custom game modes by playing around with simple scripts, tweaking rules and gameplay conditions. It's based on the tools the development team uses to create official modes, but it's obviously been simplified to allow players to get in on the action.

It's been kicking around on PC for a short while, and Blizzard has already noticed some interesting ideas coming from the community. "We’ve seen so many amazing games come out already — our players are incredibly creative, and we’ve seen people do things with the Workshop that we didn’t even anticipate," says senior gameplay engineer Dan Reed. "Someone made a mode where you can race around as Wrecking Ball. There’s a Lúcio trial that challenges you to navigate through difficult vertical terrain. We’ve even seen a dogfighting mode lets you fly around as Bastion."

It sounds like an interesting new feature, especially if you've grown tired of the traditional offerings found in Overwatch. Do you like the sound of the Workshop? Will you be creating custom modes in the colourful FPS? Get planning in the comments below.

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