Just Shapes & Beats is exactly what it says on the tin. It's just a game about shapes and beats, and it's coming to PS4 later this week on 10th May in the form of a Hardcore Edition for $19.99. If you need a little bit more to go on, check out the trailer above.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, programmer Mike Ducarme describes it as musical bullet-hell. "It’s weird to explain… you play a shape, you dodge beats, which are also shapes, you can play with up to three friends, who are also shapes. It’s not a bullet hell in the pure sense of the term since it’s a lot more based on dodging and surviving than attacking. It’s more like a dodge ‘em up I guess?"

The game came to Nintendo Switch in the summer of last year, and our pals over at Nintendo Life absolutely loved the experience - awarding a 9/10 in the gushing review. "The sheer verve of Just Shapes and Beats is infectious. True to its name, the elements are simple, but Berzerk Studio explores and executes on its modest premise with an exceptional level of polish. It injects pure joy into the oppressive, pulsing panic of Super Hexagon and creates a celebratory explosion of the audio-visual in video games."

Do you plan on checking out this visual and auditory treat? Cut some shapes in the comments below.

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