Just Cause 4 has been trucking along for a while now since its December release last year, but it's about to get a whole lot bigger and better with the launch of its second piece of downloadable content. Titled Los Demonios, it's something you'll need to see to believe. Check it out in the announcement trailer above.

"A demonic infestation spreads across the island, terrorizing its inhabitants. Rico must tackle a new threat and send the demons back from whence they came!" It'll be available for owners of the expansion pass on 26th June, and those without can purchase the DLC a week later.

If you can't wait that long though, the game's Spring update launches today. Available for download now on PS4, the patch will improve lighting across the island of SolĂ­s, adds extra Black Hand statues to destroy, increases the amount of ammunition each gun has, and enhances vehicle AI. Among other additions, this patch is sure to give you something new to do in Just Cause 4.

Will you be downloading? Create some explosions in the comments below.

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